Founder Harvey “Harv” Henry

Family Owned

Since our doors opened in 1962, we’ve been a family-owned and operated business that builds, rents, sells, and maintains compressor packages for the oil and gas industry. Henry Production’s longevity and attention to detail are the foundation of our quality and dependability. We pride ourselves in the value we bring customers. Today, we specialize in 25HP – 350HP natural gas rotary screw and reciprocating compressor packages.

Founded by Harvey “Harv” Henry in 1962, HPI today is led by son Sam Henry who, as a kid, helped Harv at the shop. Since 1982, Sam has served as HPI President.

1962 – Our first compressor

Harv’s Vision

Harv opened HPI in 1962 after a successful career with a major oil and gas company. In New Mexico, he realized the market lacked top-notch and dependable natural gas compression equipment. HPI had operated other manufacturers compressors for years, which meant it knew what makes a solid compressor package (and lousy packages as well). The company used its market knowledge and willingness to step out of the box to fabricate well-built and dependable compressors. Its designs quickly gained popularity and HPI soon became the go-to firm in many states for compressors that today continue to withstand the test of time.


HPI offers a range of products and services in New Mexico and Colorado including:

  • Gas compression rental & sales
  • Gas compression field service
  • Gas compressor fabrication & sales
  • Vapor Recovery Units
  • Re-fabrication of existing gas compressors

We start with compressor skids built to withstand the toughest conditions. Heavy duty, ridged, durable, and strong are terms we live by. We assemble each compressor package using the highest-quality components available for your specific application. Our years working in the natural gas industry means you’ll a compressor package that’s dependable and worry free.

All gas compression equipment meets air quality regulations of New Mexico and Colorado, the states we serve.